Becoming a volunteer


Become a member of  Vélo En Grand organization by joining the great family of Super Volunteers. An unforgettable human adventure!

Beyond the sporting aspect, which will characterize the 1st edition of Vélo En Grand will undoubtedly be the conviviality, sharing, mutual aid and fun spirit that will reign there. Through this strength that you will bring, your dedication but also your good humor, the Vélo En Grand will become the benchmark in its field.

Thank you for your commitment.

If you want to know more about the role of Super Volunteers in the organization of Vélo En Grand, check out our FAQ – Volunteer and our Super Volunteer Guide.


Becoming a volunteer supervisor

The volunteer supervisor will manage a group of 5-10 volunteers.

These missions are important to guarantee the smooth functioning of the Festival as well as the security of volunteers and participants.

Missions of the supervisor before the festival

Contact his/her group of volunteers 3 weeks before the event in order to be sure they are still available and connect with them for the first time.

Attend the opening festival briefing to :

– Meet the volunteers,

– Get to know the rescue site, first aid and help locations,

– Agree the organisation plan and meeting points with your volunteers,

– Pick up your « Organisation » t-shirts and badges.

Become a volunteer

Missions of the supervisor during the festival

Train the volunteers.

Check that they have the necessary material and equipment.

Check their availability, the day before and the D-Day.

(In case of absence or non response, contact the volunteer coordination centre).

Manage their breaks.

Anticipate and organise their tasks according to the activity peaks.

Retrieve the necessary material for your activities and check their good functionality before giving them to the volunteers.

Stay in contact with your volunteers in order to check their presence at their post, to prevent any incidents and to check if they leave their post at the end of their assigned shift.

Return the material at the end of the day.

The commitments of the organiser towards the volunteer supervisor

Presentation and description of the position.

Training for the job.

Providing in good functioning condition all material needed. 

Reminder of security instructions, both general and specific to the position.

Taking into account any incidents that are brought to their attention.


The packs

To thank you for your help at our side, the Vélo En Grand at Jablines-Annet organisation gives you a volunteer Pack to match your investment:

> Volunteer Pack 1: between 1 & 2 volunteer time slots*

– Organisation T-shirt

– Voucher of the 1 Day Festival Pass amount (30€) – Choice between the kind of Pass and race

> Volunteer Pack 2: between 3 & 4 volunteer time slots

– Organisation T-shirt

– Voucher of the 2-3 Days Festival Pass amount (40€) – Choice between the kind of Pass and race

> Volunteer Pack 3: from 5 volunteer time slots

– Organisation T-shirt

– Voucher of the 2-3 Days Festival Pass amount (40€) – Choice between the kind of Pass and race

– 6 month subscription to Vélo Vert

Depending on your time slots, meals will be given to you as well as accommodation for volunteers coming from elsewhere.


* There are 1 to 3 time slots on each day of the event


The missions

The missions of volunteers are diverse and varied:

– Flagman: this mission represents the major need of volunteer. You are in contact with the participants: you indicate them the path to follow and assure their safety. The participants are grateful when they feel your presence and hear your support. Outside, the weather could make a bit harder this mission.

Food supplies: this role consists in setting up and looking after the feed stations. They are planned for each organised race and ride. There is both physical handling of goods and contact with the participants.

Signage / taking down signage: Before the race you will prepare the path as best as possible. Thanks to the sign, the participants can ride without losing themselves. Once the races & rides are finished, it is time to take away all signage and all trace of our presence. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult. A good physical condition and understanding of the land is needed.

Opening / Closing race: On your bike you will open and close the timed races and the rides. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult. A good physical condition and understanding of the land is needed.

–  Security: On the several entrance of the fair, you will be the first contact with the visitors and you will ensure the safety of the people by doing an eye-checking of the bags. Good mood, smile and rigor are required for this mission.

Logistics: this team looks after the construction and pulling down of structures before and after the event, whether this is at the show area or the races. This post is physical and needs a good understanding of manual professions.

 Team PLV: this team is in charge of the set-up and the disassembly of the structures before and after the event. Whether on the fair or on the trials. This job is physical and requires good manual skills

– Reception: During the fair, around the info point, you will be the first contact with the visitors and you could orient them or answer their questions. Speaking french is a must.

– Fair: before the event, you will be in charge of the implantation, the tracing, and the signal of the fair. During the event, you will be the privileged contact of the exhibitors. Smile and French are needed.

Registrations: you have a privileged contact with festival visitors on one of the different stages of the registration process. Understanding IT tools (I-Pad, computer) is recommended. A good mood and smile is a must, speaking French also.

– Hospitality: You will be in charge of welcoming and guiding the Press and the trading Partner of Vélo en Grand. This job requires good French communication skills and with smile is even better

Test loop Brigade: During the event you’ll be on your bike to ensure the signage is correct and ensure the safety of test loops. Outdoors, the weather can make this role difficult. A good physical condition, understanding of the land and French are needed.

– Race assistance: With a car of the organization and a bike rack, you will assist the participants in need (mechanical breakdown, physical failure…) during the different trials and you will support them with a shuttle service to bring them back to the arrival. You will speak in French with the Security.

– Parking: On the different parking zones, you will be in charge of the good circulation of the cars. Good mood, smile, reactivity and French are required for this mission.

Make your choice and we will try to respect this as best as possible according to the event needs. No matter your gender, no matter if you ride or not, no matter if you are available 1, 2, 3 or 6 days… we welcome all volunteers over 16 years old in the big friendly team of Vélo en Grand to support us on the first edition, from the 17th to the 19th of September 2021.


FAQ – Volunteer


1 – What is a Super Volunteer?

He is a volunteer who helps organize Vélo En Grand. He will be given various missions according to his preferences. He is also enthusiastic, motivated and does not hesitate to give his voice to support festival-goers participating in the various races / hikes.

Becoming a VEG Super Volunteer is the opportunity to be fully included in the organization of the event and to experience it in a different light. All in a friendly atmosphere

2 – What are Super Volunteers entitled to?

A reduction of € 30 to € 40 depending on the number of volunteer time slots. Either at least the free festival pass allowing you to enjoy free bike tests or a race / hike of your choice.

Complete Organization equipment consisting of a T-shirt and other surprises.

A space dedicated to volunteers, a packed lunch and a special special evening for volunteers on Sunday evening to properly celebrate the end of Vélo En Grand.

3 – How to register as a volunteer on the Vélo En Grand?

All you have to do is complete the “volunteer registration” form.

4 – When do the Super Volunteers receive their convening?

By email, about three weeks before the event. In this invitation, you will find:

  • Your voluntary schedule.
  • The position (s) assigned to you.
  • The Super Volunteer Guide, also available here.
  • Practical information (packed lunches, access map, meeting places, etc.).

5 – How is volunteer information transmitted?

> Every beginning of the month, a special volunteer newsletter is sent to all volunteers with important information.

> By email and personalized telephone exchange with one of the volunteer coordinators.

> For more live information and to allow you to interact with other volunteers, a Facebook and Instagram page have been entirely devoted to the volunteers of Vélo En Grand. A very useful way to exchange more easily with your volunteer coordination team.

Facebook : @Bénévoles Vélo En Grand
Instagram : @Benevoles_veloengrand 

6 – What are the different volunteer meetings / gatherings?

1st volunteer information meeting at the end of June : and then a volunteer week-end with picnic, activities and fun !

2nd volunteer information meeting on Wednesday 15th of September, before the start of Vélo En Grand

Big volunteer walk to close the Vélo En Grand fair together on Sunday, followed by a big volunteer evening! A privileged moment to thank you and celebrate all together and as it should be the end of this beautiful event.

7 – How and where do Super Volunteers collect their volunteer equipment?

Volunteer equipments (t-shirt, bag and surprises) must be collected at the volunteer information meeting on Wednesday before the start of the event.

8 – Do Super Volunteers have to plan for something to eat during the day?

In the morning, you can enjoy a coffee and a few treats at the Volunteer Space, then during the day you will receive a full packed lunch * to regain your strength during the event.

Don’t forget the aperitif and the big volunteer dinner organized on Sunday evening following the closing of the fair. This is an opportunity to come together to celebrate the end of the first edition of Vélo En Grand together and to thank you as you should for your great help.

* This lunch pack is allocated to volunteers who are on mission during mealtimes or who carry out a volunteer mission in the morning and then in the afternoon. It is the same for meals and missions related to the evening.

9 – What are the things to remember on the day of the event?

Your complete Super Volunteer outfit and badge.

The “Parking Organization” document if you come by vehicle during the Festival.

Water bottle, sunscreen, rain gear etc. depending on the weather.

10 – Do the Super Bénévoles benefit from a reserved parking space?

Yes 🙂 You just need to position the “Parking Organization” pass on the front of your car so that it is visible.

We expect more than you! 🙂

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