Test center

6 specific route 

The Vélo en Grand fair ideally located on Île de loisirs de Jablines-Annet, near the lake and nature. When you will test a bike or an accessories you will automatically find a specific road made to test in the perfect condition your bike. 

  • Discover route 
  • « Tour du lac » route
  • Urban route
  • E-bikes route
  • Gravel route
  • Road route

So you have at your disposal, the equipment, the routes and the optimum conditions, now enjoy!


> Access to tests
Sign up for Registration with test option

> Documents to present when picking up your pass
2 proofs of identity (passport, ID card or driving license) and a bank card for the guarantee of €4000.

> Bikes and accessories on test
1500 models offered on test by the 200 brands present.

> Test tracks
6 test route adapted to all levels and disciplines close to the show.

> Maximum duration of tests
40 minutes.

> Required equipment

> Private area
The list of material tested will be found on your private area, where you can leave comments and reviews.

Discover route

Vélo en Grand, is an opportunity to test and take in hand all of the bike and accessories in test on the fair without difficulties.  

Discovery Route : Between 2 and 3 km 
This route is accessible to all without difficulties

Required equipments : Helmet

Urban route

Looking for uban experience with a bike, e-bikes or an accessories, this route is designed to test in perfect conditions on a route dedicated

Urban route : Between 2 and 3 km

Required equipments : Helmet

Crédit Photo : Benoit Jeanniard

Tour du Lac route

From Vélo en Grand fair, go to Tour du Lac route. Try to test bikes in family or with friends around the lake of Ile de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet. This route without difficulties will make you try different type of bikes

Tour du Lac route : 5 km

Required equipments : Helmet

E-bikes route

Vélo en Grand offer you the opportunity to test E-bikes. On a specific route, you will enjoy the capacities of those bikes/

E-bikes route : 4 km

Required equipments : Helmet

Crédit Photo : Benoit Jeanniard

Gravel route

Try your hand on a Gravel Bike, which bridges the world of road and off-road. The idea is to seek adventure where it hides, without being limited by desires. For the more curious, we invite you to test this versatile bike on a loop around the Ile de loisirs de Jablines-Annet

Gravel route: Coming soon

Required equipments : Helmet

Road route

Come to discover the pleasure of road bike. The Vélo en Grand fair through major cycle brands offer the opportunity to try beautiful road bike on a specific route designed around Ile de Loisirs de Jablines-Annet.

Road route : Coming soon

Required equipment : Helmet

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