The following terms below applied to the enrollment subscription that is proposed by “vélo en Grand” and organized by Chlorobike Publications.

I – Registration

1.1 Registration is valid as soon as your payment is complete and as soon as you have received an email confirmation from your booking made on Internet.

1.2. Any registration to “Vélo en Grand” implies acceptance of the present regulation and to the rules posted at the entrance and/or departure of each outdoor activities or events (bike riding or tests).

1.3. “Vélo en Grand” proposes ride and timed races. It also proposes outdoor leisure activities.

1.4. Outdoor activities are open to children aged of 4 and over.

1.5. Biking activities are open to anyone aged of 4 and over (parental permission required for minors).

1.6. Registration, purchase and reception of a package can only be done by an adult (aged of 18 and over)

II – Pass purchase conditions

2.1. The daily enrollment or week-ends are made from the website page of the event.

2.2. the daily enrollment and weekends are available on the website within the limit of the number of places available.

2.3. Participants will have to retrieve their inscription at the registration space at “Vélo en Grand” reception.

III – Terms of Payment

3.1 Any person booking for one or more other person(s) is severally liable for the payment of the booking full amount.

3.2. For valid enrollment the full amount must be paid when booking on the website.

3.3. Every payments can be done by credit card (Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard, American Express ) to Chlorobike Publications – On the other hand, Bank transfer or postal money orders are not accepted. 

IV – Modifications

The Organization reserves the right to make any change regarding the present conditions.

V – Request to amend your booking

5.1. The registration changes will be exceptionally accepted till 21 days before the events is officially open. Also upon written and supporting documents. We can’t guarantee to respond positively.

5.2. Modification request only apply to the following cases.

  • Special test pack
  • Extension of the option test 1 day session
  • Extension of the option 2/3 days session during the weekend

A package extension to the weekend package: a 1-day test to a 2-day test.

For any request regarding the modification, mentioned above please contact

5.3. Requests for modification regarding personal information

(name, e-mail, etc.) can be sent directly to our Webmaster to the following address:

5.4. No modification request will be taken into consideration the arrival day at the event.

VI – Application for booking transfer

If anyone needs to be replaced by someone else that is possible.

The substitute needs to fills every condition that appear in the Vélo En Grand contract. 

Also, Vélo en Grand needs to be informed of the transfer till 21 days before the event is officially open for the registrations. This needs to be done by registerer letter and return receipt to the following address:

Vélo en Grand 15, rue Claude Monet BP 22 78421 Carrières-sur-Seine France.

Or by email : with the information below :

 – Your name, last name and address
 – Name and address of the substitute
 – Type of package purchased
 – Reservation number and a copy of the confirmation letter or email sent by Vélo Vert Magazine.

Once the letter or email with every information above are received an enrollment confirmation letter will be sent to the substitute. Each individual is severally liable for the whole payment of the enrollment and other fees included in the transaction. (delivery charges…) .

VII- Cancellation request and refund

Any commitment is firm and final and cannot be refunded for any reason whatsoever.

VIII- Tests Conditions

As part of the equipment testing, the tester will have to take care of materials and devices that will be loaned to him during his participation at “Vélo en Grand”. It’s important to make sure to follow all the instructions recommended and provided within this framework to assure an appropriate use. 

In case of loss, damage or negligence the tester agreed with the lender to choose of either replacing or refund the material loos.

In case of the lender choose to replace the equipment, its understood that the replacement will be rise to the equivalent loss

If at any time, the tester has the impression that the equipment and / or materials borrowed does not work properly, he will stop immediately using it. He must prevent the representative brand so he allows for a verification or if necessary a repair or any other adjustments.

IX- tracks are used for 

The testing tracks are only for everyone who booked for Bike and accessories tests. See the following route.

– Loop Tests Discover
– Loop Test Urban
– Loop Test Tour du Lac
– Loop Test E-Bike
– Tests Gravel
– Tests Road.

The organisation retain the right to cancel the passport test to anyone who realize a trial during the program or any other itinerary that isn’t mentioned above. This for the sake of bike availability and a good trials rolling .

The organisation retain also the right of every tracks modifications of his distance and/or drops without notice.

X – Insurance

10.1. Each participant must have taken a personal insurance, such as a liability insurance.

10.2. In case of an accident caused by his own act ( the participant) , rescue costs and medical expenses will be covered by the participant’s personal insurance (helicopter and hospitalization in particular). The Organization subscribes, on behalf of participants, an individual accident and care costs guarantee (see copy attached of the insurance contract).

10.3. The Organizer takes out an organizer liability insurance. The insured are the Organizer and the volunteers who help to the event organization and who are considered as an outside parties when they do not fulfill the conditions allowing them to benefit from the legislation on work accidents. This insurance also covers accidents caused by participants against spectators.

10.4. The organizer accepts any liability with regard of loss, theft or damage of the equipment (min case of a bike loan) and individual equipment. 

XI- Safety rules

11.1. Children’s under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult to the various activities. Otherwise, access can be refused.

11.2. Wearing a rigid helmet meets CE standards, wearing gloves and glasses is highly recommended. 

11.3. A repair kit including 2 tubes, pumps, patches, chain tool, Allen keys and a first aid kit are highly recommended.

11.4. The respect of the Highway code is mandatory when you share the road with cars.

11.5. In case of an accident, prevent signalers in place or reach the emergency number once arrived at the central station ( written on each emergency sign).

XII. Behavior on field

12.1 For safety reasons the participants must follow all organization instructions. Orders given by staff members on field.

12.2 Any abandonment must be reported to the Organization (aid station, fueling station or nearest staff). In lack of information regarding the abandonment the participant must take in charge the means used for his research., the participant must take over the means used for his research.

12.3 Each participant declare to accept specific risks linked to bike practice. The route taken is under his own responsibility.

XIII- Risks accepted

The participation in Vélo en Grand requires good physical condition, which means that the participant recognizes in particular :

  • Not following any drug treatment affecting his physical and intellectual abilities. 
  • Not being pregnant or have given birth in less than 6 months (follow the recommandation of your doctor in this case).
  • Do not suffer from heart or have joints problems such as ankles, knees, tendonitis, ligament, etc.
  • Being aware of his physic abilities and limitations. 
  • Do not be subject to asthma or epilepsy attack. 
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol and / illegal drugs that can affect your intellectual or physical capabilities.

The participant agreed on the instructions and safety rules that could, if necessary, be applied.

In addition to wear a helmet in all circumstances. To respect the rules of the highway Code. Please honored prudence and judgment to all the context and loaned equipment.

The participant is aware that biking is a risky activity that could cause accidents, injury or death. He also accepts in full knowledge to the uncontrolled risks due to the activity. That is why the participant discharges the company Chlorobike and  present partners of Vélo en Grand. Their representatives and employees from any liability, for any reason whatsoever, accident, death or damage and for theft of personal belongings including his bike, whatever its nature, resulting from negligence in the selection, installation, maintenance, the setting and use of equipment and materials.

XIV- Races

While the participant is racing  in the chrono trial and bike activities, the entrant agrees to submit the following documents when subscribing online or withdrawal of registration:

  • Licensee FFC: current year license with competition mentioned
  • Licensee or FSGT UFOLEP: current year license. Please note, it’s mandatory  to see written “cycling” as discipline. Also have a valid medical certificate.
  • For the No – licensee: Have a medical certificate of non-indication against the practice of cycling in competition not older than 12 months (original, scan or photocopy).

The participant agrees to be present at the small talk that refer to the event or activity. He also assure that his bike is in perfect condition and well equipped with a front and back brake. 

The participant agrees on wearing protection such as (helmet, gloves…) that is mandatory and run through the whole track without leaving it. No shortcut authorized! Always respecting the highway code, and the human, animal, vegetation or urban environment. (as an example its strictly forbidden to trash anywhere the waste. You must keep it with you till you find a proper bin). The participant undertakes not to contest the organizer decisions or other local authority. He is fully committed to fallow the test rules or the activity.

XV- Compensation

For himself and his heirs the participant agrees to indemnify, defend (including the costs and attorney’s fees) and not blame, the organiser and firms affiliates in Chlorobike and their representatives or employees. For all claims or sue for personal injury or property damage to a third party directly or indirectly. And this by an act or omission that occurred following the theft bike or his participation in Vélo en Grand.

XVI- Publicity rights

16.1 Each participant agrees to grant the Organization the permission to use his photographic and/or video images. This for the purpose of print, TV, Internet, under the terms and for the maximum allowed by law.

16.2 While the participant pick up the passes he agrees on being photographed by the organization. The ID picture that been taken guaranty well process (activities and trials access control ) also safety.
The taken picture will be free and disposal online in the participant’s personal space on the Vélo en Grand website.

XVII – Personal data treatment policy 

Chlorobike complied with its obligations stemming from the appropriate measures that secure safety of the personal data. As referring to the french rules such as law N°78-17 of the 6th January 1978 computer relative, folders and freedom told laws ” informatique et libertés” and the regulation UE 2016/679 of 25 may 2018 referring to the data protection told ” RGPD”.

Chlorobike inform you that it will collect and treat the personal data of yours that is related to the treatment responsibility.

Your personal data that have good chance to be collected by Chlorobike  are: name, last name, postoffice adresse, email adresse, telephone number and measurement ( hight weight ).

Your private data are collected on purpose to answer to the legal obligations regulatory
( accounting requirements, tax…) also in the valid interest of Chlorobike to serve the commercial relation in the enrollment to the event and the pass purchase ..