Who can register?

Registrations are open to all festival goers aged 4 years +. It gives access to tests, the Show, activities, 1 wristband, 1 bag, 1 race plate

> How to register?

Register online at

> How much is registration?

The registration cost for Vélo en Grand 
See the price list for details.

> Do I need a medical certificate?

A cycling race licence or a medical certificate stating there is no reason you should not practise competitive cycling dated within the last year is obligatory for all timed events.

> Is parental authorisation needed?

Parental authorisation must be provided for all minors.

Download the parental authorisation form.

Send us this completed form via your basket.

Which registration enables me to test bikes?

Only the option test 1 day, or 2/3 days give access to test bikes in the Show area. Once I have my race plate and wristband, I am free to come and go at the Show, test bikes when and with whom I like, on the different loops adapted to each style of riding!

> Is access to the Show area free?

The Show is free and accessible to everyone.



> Where and when can I pick up my registration ?

You can pick up your registration in the registration area in welcome point in Île de loisirs de Jablines-Annet. 

registration are available to pick up from Thursday 2-7pm, Friday 7am to 7pm, Saturday 7am to 7pm and Sunday from 8am to 2pm.

> Can I register onsite?

Yes, I can register onsite for any registration and event, as long as places are available.  

> What proof of identity and other documents are needed to pick up my Pass ?

For my test registration, I need to have at least 2 identity documents (passport, driving license, ID Card…) and a guarantee cheque of €4000 or pre-authorisation of my bank card. If there are no problems with the tests, the cheque or photocopy of the credit card will be given back or destroyed at the end of the festival.  

If registered for one of the Races or Activities at Vélo en Grand I should bring proof of identity plus my licence or medical certificate stating I can take part in competitive cycling, if the event is timed.  

> Is the security guarantee for the test €4000 is per person?

Yes, the guarantee is €4000 per person. This is necessary for access to tests.



> How does the Test Centre function? Is a security guarantee needed?

To test a bike, you must go to the registration area on site Vélo en Grand. We will ask you for a security guarantee of €4000 (pre-authorisation of bank card) as well as 2 proofs of identity (passport, ID card, driving license). A photo will be taken of you and we will give you a race plate and wristband. You can then go to your chosen brand with the plate and wristband. The brand will check and register you via an I-Pod.

> Can I test bikes during races?

No, test bikes can only be used on the test loops. Brands are free to let you take bikes out alone or take you on accompanied rides.

> Should I bring my own bike?

All depends on what I wish to do at the festival. A bike test cannot last more than 40 minutes, I need to use my own bike to ride on all organised races and rides.

> Should we bring pedals?

Yes, if you want to use automatic pedal otherwise it’s not necessary.



> Where is the registration area?

It will be at the welcome point in Île de loisirs de Jablines-Annet.



> Do I need a really high level of riding to participate in Vélo en Grand?

Vélo en Grand is open to everyone. Whatever your level, your type of riding or your budget, everyone can find a tempting programme. There’s something for all tastes!

> How many exhibitors will be present?

Over 200 brands and almost 1500 test bikes and accessories will be waiting for you!

> Is there a bike lock up?


> What kind of accommodation do you advise?

We suggest you to consult the specific page 

> When are the race results published?

The evening following each race on the website.


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